Great Accessories to Enhance Your Ride

Buying a car is just the first step in owning a automobile. The most tedious parts come afterwards when maintaining said automobile. For many such maintenance is a quick jaunt to a car wash every other week. For DIYers it is ongoing series of chores that keep an automobile in pristine condition. Some motorists even add accessories to their vehicles in order to enhance their ride. 

A Car Jump Starter Kit 

A jump starter is an ideal piece of equipment for road wary motorists who never know when they might need a good jump. A jump starter is a backup power source that can fully jumpstart a battery without the need of another car present. It is just as good as a pair of cables. In the event you are having troubles with your battery a jumpstarter can even serve as an ulterior power source to get you home. 

Sprays and Shines 

Having a collection of polishes, shines, and sprays is also a good idea to keeping a car pristine. Polish protects your automobiles finish, tire spray allows vehicle’s wheels to last longer, and rust inhibitor spray saves your automobile from rust build-up. Regular use will not only make your car the belle of the ball, but can also avoid costly damage regular use inevitably causes. 

Car Mount Holder 

A necessity for the digital age a car mount holder is perfect for holding smartphones. It allows for ease of access, display, and hands free use. Many mounts also double as car chargers. They allow your portable devices to charge up while you motor. This is a great feature for any automobile. 

Factory Accessories 

There are many features that can be pre-installed in an automobile before you take it off the lot. Many of these features are beginning to come standard but if you are interested in upgrading your ride taking a look at available options is always good. Choices include: 

– Window tinting. 
– Rear facing camera. 
– Rear seat Plasma screens. 
– Seat warmers. 
– Individual climate controls. 

Car Seat Organizer 

A car seat organizer is a great utility accessory that aids you in organizing the interior of your car. Messes can be avoided and additional accessories can be properly stored. They are great for keeping the rear seat clear. If you drive for Uber or Lyft, a car organizer is also a great place to keep water and snacks that you offer. 

Window and Seat Belt Cutter 

This is a great accessory to have in an emergency. Should you be involved in an accident a window and seat belt cutter can help free you if should you become stuck. It easily slices through seat straps and can deftly break through a window. A good piece of mind tool if you have children in the car. 

Smart Wheel 

A newer accessory a smart wheel promotes safe driving. It snaps onto a steering wheel and monitors your diving habits. Should you become distracted it refocuses you onto the road ahead.

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