How to Spot Hail Damage on Your Car

Even if you are the safest driver imaginable and you regularly have your car checked out by your mechanic, your vehicle can still be seriously damaged by things beyond your control. One of the worst of these is hail, especially if you live in Colorado. All you need to do is Google something like “hail damage repair Lakewood CO” to get an idea of how bad things can get.

Hail damage can usually be repaired by a good auto body shop, but it still pays to know the signs of hail damage on your car. The most telltale signs of a car that was hit by a bad hail storm are the tiny dents that show up in the roof and hood of your car. These will look like tiny divots that might not be immediately noticeable at a distance, but they can be unsightly if the hailstones that hit your car were big enough. You might also notice chips and cracks in your windows and windshield. Again, you might not notice these problems if the hailstones were small enough, but this is potentially a bigger problem than hail-sized dents in your car. Even the smallest chip in your windshield could turn into a nasty crack if it isn’t fixed soon.

Another sign of hail damage that doesn’t always get a lot of attention is when your rearview mirrors have been knocked into a weird angle. This of course is caused by your mirrors being pelted by hailstones. Your mirrors may have even been broken off if the hail storm was particularly bad.

If it turns out that your car was damaged by hail, you can usually have it repaired. Dents in your car’s body are mostly cosmetic and won’t affect your car’s ability to function, but cracks in your windshield and broken mirrors will need to be fixed. Look for an auto body shop near you to find out what can be done for your vehicle

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