Advantages and benefits of an electric car

By now we are facing a real technological revolution as far as cars are concerned. If first the diesel and the gasoline were competing for the place of the best cars today there is one that beats everything: the electric car.

The electric car is good for the environment

Most of these electric cars have 0 exhaust emissions. The reduction in pollution is due to the fact that the electric motor is much more efficient than the conventional combustion engine. This involves saving primary energy (or fuel) even if we consider the transformation losses in the power plant and in the distribution of the networks.

From an environmental impact point of view it is also easier and more effective, in the electricity sector there is a mix of renewables that clearly stands out from the other energy sectors. Surely the electric car helps to reduce pollution just like a photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric plant that without developing an electric mobility chain is impossible to use in the transport sector and in the  MTA Automotive Connectors sector

Expenses and savings in having an electric vehicle

Being in possession of an electric vehicle can allow those who hold it to save a lot of money on fuel.

This is because an engine is developed that is based on the energy consumption per km that are at least half compared to those of a fuel vehicle. As far as electricity costs are concerned, they are much more varied than fuel costs.

Costs that change depending on how you recharge. In this sense, you can have private and public top-ups. In the first case, from a minimum of 0c € / kWh in the case of a PV system up to 35 c € / kWh for a condominium user, other uses with an obsolete light contract. In the second case from a minimum of 0c € / kWh if it is recharged from “plug and play” columns at 40 c € / kWh. With the electric car there is a saving of almost half compared to the “low consumption” cars (CNG, LPG, Diesel and Hybrid) and about a quarter compared to petrol cars. So here are the benefits of conversion to a beautiful, technological, innovative car that takes care of our nature.

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