Last Minute Moving Tips

Preparing for a move is already a tedious task. Make it a last minute decision, and you’re probably looking at countless sleepless nights and a stress level that’s off the roof. But, things happen, life happens, and sometimes we have to suck it up and deal with it like real adults.

For moments like these, you need to be as organized as possible to spend your time on things that matter. For example, if you could book a Self Move Hire the moment you decide to move, it’ll take out a huge chunk of stress to your to-do list.

If you want to learn more about last minute moving and the appropriate steps you need to take, here are five tips that will make your move a whole lot easier.

  1. Book All Logistics First

Before you even figure out the rest of your moving strategy, book all the logistics you will need first. Make this as a priority to ensure that on the day that you are supposed to move, professional help will be present. Securing your reservation will also avoid any delays or worse, reschedules.

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  1. List Everything Down

Whether you prefer a traditional pen and paper or go digital, making a checklist of everything you own is crucial to every move. Here are a couple of ideas to help you make an organized moving list.

  • Number of current rooms and all the items inside each room
  • Bulky furniture like beds and sofas that are most likely going to need a separate vehicle
  • Accessories such as frames and paintings
  • The items inside your pantry and fridge

Once you determine everything you currently own, make a different list to segregate items you might not want to bring with you. List down items for packing, donation, or throwing away to ensure order. When you settle this information, it will be easier for you to do the work.

  1. Start Gathering Supplies

You should also put this step into your to-do list especially if you don’t own any of these materials yet. Make sure to prepare a packing supply kit that includes boxes, scissors, tape, bubble wrap, and markers as soon as you decide to move.

  1. Improvise

When you are in a terrible hurry, you might want to skip packing orderly and pack fast instead. Don’t have boxes or large containers? Use trash bags to pack clothing, bedding, and curtains. Do you have some baskets lying around? Use them to store books or picture frames. And don’t even bother taking out the hangers on your clothes. Take out all clothing from each cabinet and insert a large plastic. This will save you time for both packing out of your old closet and into the new one.

  1. Ask For Help

Lastly, if you only booked a moving team or you’re moving alone, ask a few of your closest friends and family to help you pack. Let it be a going-away slash packing party. Prepare some snacks and drinks and pack while you have fun. This will also allow you some quality time with them before you leave.

Final Word

Moving will always be stressful, especially if you aren’t prepared the right way. Make sure to follow these last-minute steps to make your move as easy as it can be.





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