Reasons To Get Your Oil Changed On A Regular Basis

Mechanics and car experts all agree that routinely changing your vehicle’s engine oil is important. The engine is made up of many different moving parts that all need to be lubricated properly to avoid damage. These vital functions are made possible because of the oil. Below are some of the top reasons for getting your vehicle’s oil changed on a regular basis according to your car’s manufacturer. When you are ready to get yours done, visit a local and reputable provider of oil change service Brevard NC, such as the one found at

Keeps Engine Lubricated

The pistons, carbs, valves and all other moving parts in a vehicle’s engine need to stay lubricated in order to function properly. Without oil to lubricate everything, the components will cause friction and heat that can cause costly damage.

Keeps Engine Cool

The oil has another important job. It is necessary to keep your vehicle’s engine from overheating. Moving parts lacking the lubrication from oil will create heat on the surface of your engine parts. The heat can cause parts to fall apart and crumble.

Better Gas Mileage

Another con of poor engine lubrication is a decrease in fuel consumption. Routine oil changes can improve gas mileage significantly. For the average vehicle, you will save more than a few gallons of gas each year by getting regular oil changes.

Car Will Last Longer

Proper maintenance of your vehicle, including oil changes, will allow your vehicle to last much longer. Dirty oil can make internal engine components work hard and wear out much quicker. This can lead to more problems down the road that can be costly to fix.

It can be a hassle to plan a trip to your local auto shop for regular oil changes. However, the time you spend there every few months can help you save money on costly repairs from dirty, old oil. Many services stations offer quick oil changes for car owners who don’t have a lot of free time. You can even stay in your vehicle during the process.

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