Review of the Honda Supersport

If you are looking for a bike that’s easy to use and convenient, this review of the Honda Supersport will convince you it may be the perfect bike for you. It’s also the ideal buy for a rider looking for durability from a strong metal body, great fuel economy and a design that makes it suitable for both male and female riders.


* 90 mpg fuel economy
* 260 miles range with full tank
* 80 km per hour highest speed
* 13bhp power
* 125cc capacity

Model Information

Design and Comfort

The bike is very easy to handle and is designed to be unisex, meaning that female riders are just at home on it as male riders. And whether you are taking it out for a short trip or going on a longer ride, the non-adjustable suspension means you will always have a comfortable ride, and of course you’ll get the benefit of that high mileage from each tank.

Fuel Economy and Power

If you are a novice buying your first bike, the unrivalled power of the Supersport makes it a good choice as you can ride it fast, but not dangerously fast, thanks to the 125cc engine. The bike doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is perfect for those longer trips because you get a lot of mileage out of it, although it’s also ideal for short trips to work or school.


You will probably find the bike’s durable metallic body means it lasts you for some time, although of course to keep it in good shape, regular visits to a good mechanic are highly recommended.


Motorbike dealers sell the Supersport at competitive prices, and its overall affordability is one of its biggest appeals. If you are looking for a great bike deal, you may have found it although it always pays to compare dealer prices before buying.


* Long trips are comfortable with the bike’s seat and riding position
* Great mileage
* Unisex design makes it suitable for all riders


Fuel cup isn’t hinged

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a well built, reliable and affordable bike that will last you for at least a few years, you cant go wrong with the Honda Supersport. It’s a great choice for any biker, male or female, who wants to use it for longer rides or for those shorter everyday trips. Either way, you will get great fuel economy and the maximum 80 km per hour speed ensures a degree of safety. Regular maintenance will keep your bike in great condition and provide years of enjoyment.

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