Scrap a Car

What should you watch out for when disposing of a car?

If you leave your vehicle to the manufacturer or an appropriate recycler for disposal, you will receive a certificate of disposal. It is then necessary to go to the registration office in order to put the vehicle out of service using the document.

This is also a legal requirement. When handing in the car, it is only necessary to present Part I of the registration certificate. At the admissions office you will need:

  • Mark
  • Registration certificate part I and II
  • Proof of destruction
  • Identity card

When should a car be disposed of?

In many cases, the general inspection at the TÜV for old vehicles represents an apparently insurmountable obstacle. If the workshop discovers serious defects, car owners have to decide whether a repair is still worthwhile.

Include both the age and condition of the vehicle and the severity of the damage in your considerations. Of course, the individual financial situation also plays a role here. If you consider repairs to be too costly, getting rid of the used vehicle is often your best option.

Also, keep in mind that vehicles with obvious damage may be interpreted as traffic obstacles.

If the law enforcement officers can prove illegal waste disposal, fines in the middle four-digit range will be incurred. After all, in such a case there would be the risk of liquids leaking and damaging the environment.

Is it possible to sell an end-of-life vehicle?

Of course, there is always the option to sell to a dealer or a private person. Of course, this assumes that you even find a buyer. Most used car dealers are primarily interested in vehicles that are at least halfway functional.

Because with these cars, the effort for the repair is less high. With a little luck, a hobbyist will also be interested in the car. This is mostly aimed at cannibalizing the car. However, a private sale is very tedious. In addition, there is no guarantee of success.

Exporters are an exception. Some of them are also interested in Kfz verschrotten. Especially in Africa and in some Asian countries, the requirements for used cars are less high than in this country. One disadvantage, however, is that car exporters’ offers are rarely a fair price. is the ideal alternative to car disposal

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