The World of Motor Sports

In this vast and complex world there are an unlimited amount of idea’s, events, and people. With so much going on life can get overwhelming and thus people are looking for an outlet. An outlet that allows for an escape from the world and all its problems and simultaneously gives the thrill of being alive. Thus, the rise in popularity of motor sports and motor racing comes into play. Motor sports are comprised by multiple sporting events, usually some form of racing, and involve the use of a motorized vehicle. Usually, these vehicles are motorcycles or automobiles, but some extreme thrill seekers even use drones and airplanes. All auto-racing worldwide is monitored and governed by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and all motorcycle racing is governed by the Federation of International Motorcycling (FIM). Auto-racing has quickly become one of the most popular sports in the United States. It is also estimated that globally motor sport sponsorship’s amount to over 5 billion dollars annually. So, it should come as no surprise that the influx of racing motorcycles such as the Kawasaki Ninja have gained such popularity in the world. Motor racing is popular across the United Sates whether is in Tallahassee FL or Manhattan NY. You will even find someone willing to ride a Kawasaki Ninja hillsboro or for just the thrill of it. 

Where Did Motor Racing First Begin? 

It is suspected that motor racing began in France. In 1984 a French newspaper organized a race from Paris to Rouen and then back again. Later, in 1990 the Gordon Bennet Cup was created, and closed-circuit racing began to become more popular as open road racing was becoming more limited and monitored. Eventually, open road racing became banned and Brookland’s become the first ever motor racing venue. Brookland’s was built in 1907 with a concrete track and high-speed banking corners. Unfortunately, the track was damaged during World War II and has not been reopened since. However, love for the competition did not stop in the British Empire. In fact, India was one of the first countries to hold a Motor Union. Thus, in 1905 the Motor Union of Western India was created, and it held a motor racing competition from Delhi to Mumbai in 1905. A grand distance of 810 miles was used for this competition as a test to expose India to automobiles and if there sustainable to Indian conditions. All while Eastern Europe was just being exposed to motor racing the United states was solidifying its routes. The Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville, Iowa is the oldest racing venue and was built in the 1800’s

The Modern Day and Motor Sports 

The evolution of both motor sports and motor racing is astounding. With the ever-growing industry and the amount of technology available to both manufactures and consumers is astounding. The countless videos of thrill seekers on YouTube is a clear example as to why this industry is going to continue to grow. Everyone just wants to have fun. Weather your goal is to break a world record, like the Kawasaki H2R did when it reached speeds of 400km/r in 26 seconds, or to just show your friends what a blast speed racing is, there is always something in the motor sport world for you.

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