What to Look For in Reliable 24-Hour Tow Service

A late night break down by the side of the road is not a fun experience. This is why many motorists carry the number for a 24-hour tow service in their glove box. As with jumper cables, a good spare, and necessary tools a tow service number is one of things you will be glad to have. However, the number needs to be to reputable service or the situation will only get worse. Here are the best ways to find a good 24-hour tow service. 

Talk To Your Insurer 

Auto insurers deal with roadside emergencies all the time. It is their job. Whether it is a simple breakdown or a collision you auto insurance uses a tow company to retrieve customer vehicles. So if that tow company merits use by your insurer it must be pretty reliable. This is why it is a good idea to ask your auto insurance for a tow service recommendation. Not only will you get a reliable company, you will garner one that uses your insurance saving you the out-of-pocket expense. 

Check Hours and Range 

A 24-hour tow service has to be 24 hrs. Otherwise, you are working with a service that may not be open when you need them. For this purpose it is important to make sure the service is available 24/7. Additionally, you also want to look at your specific area. Tow services cover a certain range and have areas where they cannot operate. You want to find one that services the area you regularly commute. This way the odds of you breaking down in their service area are better than average. 

Ratings and Reviews 

Never choose a company without checking its online reputation. A simple search for a 24 hour emergency towing anaheim ca. will produce a long list of results. Each result accompanied by its own set of ratings and reviews. Even if you are recommended a company by a family member or you insurance you still want to look at its presence online. Good companies merit high ratings and satisfied reviews. Bad companies stink of unhappy consumers and low ratings. In order to ensure the best service possible go with the companies that generate satisfaction and stay away from the ones that do not. 

Check for Roadside Service 

Many tow companies also offer roadside service. This means that calling them does not necessarily result in a tow. Roadside service can fix a flat, provide gas, and jump a dead battery. It provides enough assistance to get you moving again so you do not have to undergo a tow. This is a great feature as it saves money. 


Experience is an important factor. An experienced two service knows how to compensate for different weight ratios, tow off of different terrain, and has already made the fundamental mistakes tow services make. This mean you will get a less risky service that will protect your vehicle and get the job done right the first time.

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