5 Routine Car Maintenance Tasks You Should Never Skip

Owning a car can make life easier as you zip between places without needing to depend on others or worry about schedules. It is also a responsibility. Here are five things you need to keep on top of when it comes to your car.

1. Change Oil

This is one of the key routine maintenance tasks for almost any vehicle. Newer engines and synthetic oils may allow you to go longer between changes, but, unless you are driving a fully electric car, you will still have to get it done. If you aren’t into DIY auto repairs, you should have no trouble scheduling an oil change Hendersonville NC area repair shop.

2. Rotate Tires

Inspect your tires regularly to make sure tread wear patterns are even and there are no obvious signs of damage. Your tires should also be rotated every 5,000 miles or so. This helps them to wear uniformly and can help them to last longer.  Follow the recommended rotation pattern for your vehicle for the best long-term results.

3. Check Brakes

While you have the tires off, perform a quick check of your brakes. Look for pad thickness and clean any mud or debris that has gotten caked on. You don’t wait until stopping power is compromised to do this, or it could be too late.

4. Inspect Belts and Hoses

Even if you don’t plan on performing hands-on repairs, you can perform this basic inspection. When your car is completely cool, pop the hood and look over your belts and hoses. Keeping your engine compartment clean can make this easier, so wipe everything down with a rag. Check for loose connections, wear, tears or imperfections that could become a problem.

5. Read the Manual

This is a crucial maintenance task that will help you out in future situations. Take the time to read your owner’s manual. If you didn’t get one with your car, perform a quick web search for an online copy. Learn the recommended maintenance schedules and what types of fluids your care takes so you can take proper care of it.

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