Motorcycle Imports can be a purchasing option

When people are deciding on buying a motorcycle they usually think of checking out their local showroom or going to a motorcycle trader. But keep in mind that you also have the option of having your motorcycle imported from another country. And nowadays with a more globalized world it has become much easier to do so than before.

Not only are we more connected than ever physically but we also have the advantage of being able to search for what we need on the internet. Now why would you want to choose motorcycle imports over buying your motorcycle at a local showroom or trader? Well there are certain advantages of doing so.

One advantages of motorcycle imports is having broader choice

There are several advantages in choosing to import your motorcycle rather than buying it locally. One clear advantage is that you have many more options to choose from. No matter where you’re living, you cannot find every single brand or model for different motorcycles.

So if you’re a motorcycle enthusiast looking for a particular model or brand, then sometimes you may not have a choice but to have it imported. For example there may be many European or Asian models that may not be available in the USA. Or there may be American and European models that may not be available in Japan. And even if you do find a particular foreign model inside your own country it may be more expensive to buy it locally at a dealership than to have it imported. This could particularly be beneficial if you’re thinking of buying a specialized or vintage model that I’ll explain.

You can also use different tariffs to your advantage with imports

Another advantage is that countries have different tarrifs and rates on imports. So if you can play around with these rates and figure out how they can work for your benefit, sometimes you can see significant differences. This can especially be beneficial when you are thinking of buying older motorcycle models.

One reason is that the VAT rates for importing a motorcycle to the US is much better for older models. For example you only have to pay a VAT rate of 6% if you are importing a motorcycle that is over 30 years old. You can import exclusive models or vintage motorcycles from specialists in other countries. Many of these models may not exist in your own country.

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