Total Lubricants

A lubricant is an organic hydrocarbon that is applicable to all kinds of engines and machines to reduce friction between the parts that slide side by side when functioning as a whole. The reasons behind using these products are the smoothness of sliding contact, eradicating the heat produced due to friction and texture assembling.

Total lubricants have a tagline which states that it “Turn your car engine into a tireless athlete” which is quite remarkable and thoroughly kept due to its variety and quality of products available for almost all types of engines and machines. At Total Corporation, they guarantee improved protection against maintenance wear up to 64% and keeps your engine younger on long-run.

Automotive industry

In the automotive industry and applications, Total Lubricants usually have had almost all types of products for various engine needs with the quartz technology touch. Their range exists from Agricultural needs to Automotive, construction equipment, mining equipment, motorcycles and mopeds, and commercial heavy-duty vehicles like buses and trucks. Moreover, in industry, it serves various industries likewise cement and chemicals industry, energy industry, food processing, metalworking and multi-processing industries, and steel industry through several quality products according to the needs of industry and machinery used.

Engine oils of Total Lubricant Corporation are applauded with Quartz innovation which is quite unique when talked about engine oils together with more penetrating powers and safety enhancement. The total has introduced a new range for heavy-duty motor oils which are highly recommended for commercial vehicles. This range includes Total RUBIA Heavy duty engine oil range with Total RUBIA Optima as a specialized product. These are the categorized oils specific for heavy-duty vehicles, buses and trucks or fleets. It possesses some benefits that include enhanced durability, extended drain intervals, reduce ring wear and control deposits, minimize engine wear at cold startup, and eradicate the risk of sludge and improving the performance.

Total Lubricants Corporation

Total Lubricants Corporation offers Glass Lubricants which offers Shear spray lubricant, Scoop oils, Ring dopes, and lubricants. Total is not only providing Racing Motor Oils but also contributing to Motorsports as Total motorsports. That is another significant activity by the Total Corporation. Total is offering an enthusiastic service which is for premier membership. This is known as Club Card which is easy to use and comes up with various benefits likewise easy and quick way to pay for products, no hidden charges, GST invoice, offline transaction system, controlled fuel consumption, smart chip security and online tracking system. This card comes up with easy to bearable terms and conditions.

There are experts available online 24/7 for every category likewise for engine oils, heavy duty oils, industrial and glass lubricants, and above all the racing phenomenon, and this is made possible by total lubricants. These experts advise one to choose the right oils for your vehicles, together with oils evaluation and oil change or car maintaining advice. One can also find a registered distributor of the Total products with the location search and facilities available in different localities. One can also buy online the products of Total Lubricants Corporation. By keeping in mind the above-mentioned characteristics, one can easily opt the Total Lubricants for quality serving and range of products according to the taste and needs.

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