How to Avoid High Maintenance Costs

One of the most asked question to bikers is: is it expensive to own a motorcycle?

There isn’t a one-for-all answer to that, but the general short answer is: “Motorcycle costs, no. Motorcycle maintenance costs, yes.”
The cost of buying a motorcycle and motorcycles accessories in the UK is fairly low compared to the cost of owning a car, but the service to a motorcycle can end up costing a fortune.

There are ways though, to make that second answer negative. Negative as in “no”. Which is positive, for us.

Small things, make a big difference

So true!

But not in the way that a lot of people think: “But it’s just a small thing, I can get it fixed when it becomes a bigger problem. And anyway, if I get this small thing fixed and then that small thing and then the other small thing, it all ends up being expensive anyway so I might as well just get it all done together”. Erm… wrong!

Changing or cleaning the air filter, for example, is a fairly cheap, quick and easy task; fail to do so and you’ll lose efficiency in your motorcycle which in turn will cost you more money on fuel and it could even damage your motor, which will then cost a lot more to fix. You can visit this page for some of the most regular checks you should perform on your bike:

Checking the small things regularly, can save you a whole load of money and make sure your motorcycle has a long and happy life.

I don’t know how!

Then learn!

Servicing for motorcycles is very expensive, it can go even as high as 120£ per hour for the simplest jobs.

The basics of motorcycle maintenance are 100% DIY friendly. There are many books on this topic, you can get the most specific one depending on the model you own and YouTube offers a great platform to learn almost anything, even if you don’t know what a wrench is. Perform these checks yourself regularly and they’ll become second nature to you. And they are free!

This is a great blog that can get you started on DIY motorcycle maintenance:

I have a friend of a friend, that knows a guy that sells parts somewhere online…

No. Don’t. Just don’t.

The time will come when you will need a part changed. You can’t create it yourself (unless you actually work for your motorcycle manufacturers) and the one road you definitely don’t want to follow is the cheapest choice of parts.

You can come across a good and safe deal every now and then, but it probably won’t be an approved part anyway, so stick to the trusted retailers.
Click on this link to explore Fowlers – which has the largest stock of motorcycle parts and motorcycles accessories in the UK.

So follow these tips and start thinking about what to do with all the money you’ve saved on your motorbike’s maintenance!

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