The best motorbikes for long travels

Travel motorbikes

Travelling especially using motorbikes can be very cumbersome and tiring. This is especially the main reason why riders need to make the right decision in the choice of their ride to ensure it has enhanced comfort and motorcycle parts are also available in case of breakdown. The bike you ride can greatly influence your choice for the nest ride especially if you need to ride in a rough terrain. The motorcycle feature is what makes the difference between the bikes, the feature determines if it is meant for sport riding, cruising or even long-distance travelling. Some of the best motorbikes to be used for long distance travelling include;

BMW R1200 RT

The BMW1200RT is both air and liquid cooled exhibiting how the machine is a good performer. The bike is huge in size but is very aggressive and quick, the pace is enhanced by the combined active suspension setup. The bike also consists of advanced technologies such as the heated seats and grips which is very comfortable to long riders in the rainy or cold seasons. The bike weighs up to 604 pounds and has a luggage capacity of 16 gallons and can still travel at its top speed of up to 125miles per hour. Other advancements include the Shift Assist Pro that helps to minimize clutch shifting hence minimize fatigue for the rider.

Yamaha FJR1300 ES

This one of the world best superbikes that can be used for long distance travelling. The bike is driven by a 1298cc liquid cooled four-cylinder super engine that produces 145 horsepower and 89lt-ft. The ride weighs up to 644 pounds and can accommodate a sizeable luggage that can be useful for long distance travellers and still not compromise on performance. The bike consists of an ABS breaking system that is connected to two front pistons making it very effective in any terrain ride in case the rider needs to brake. The traction control system is very reliable as it is produced by the MotoGP producers who have absolute expertise about the bikes.

KTM 1290 

The super adventure KTM 1290 is driven by a 1301cc 75-degree V twin super engine a production by the Super Duke R which is the best of the Adventure R chassis. The engine can produce 160 horse power and 103lb-ft torque. The super long-distance travel bike weighs up to 505 pounds’ gross weight, the rider can also travel with luggage and spare parts and still the bike performance is optimal. It is also designed with advancements that enable it to be used in not only on the sporting road but also other rough terrain environment and during extreme weather conditions such as the rainy season.

Tiger 800 XCx

This one of the best middleweight long distance riders that is driven by a 1800cc inline triple super engine that produces 93hp horsepower. The engine delivers 58lbs-ft torque that can manoeuvre a very curvy road or terrain. The bike consists of the ABS braking system and a WP suspension that does not have a semi active control like in the KTM bike.

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